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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Weathering Steels

Exposure to the elements

Traditional steel loses its strength when exposed to corrosion, but Corten gets stronger when it is exposed to the weather. The sheets form a layer of beneficial layer when they come into contact with oxygen and moisture. So, this is one of the major benefits of Corten.

The strength of the weathering steel is also very high. Plus, they require less maintenance and save you a lot of money. All of these benefits make this type of steel an ideal choice for the construction of roofs, bridges and buildings with open frames. As a matter fact, history tells us that bridges constructed with the weathering steel stand the test of time for as many as 120 years without requiring a lot of maintenance. So, these bridges don’t need to be regularly checked or inspected.

The look of the Corten is another thing that makes it so popular. Buildings constructed with this steel look reddish, just like rust. As the exposure to the elements continues, the steel starts to have a russet patina, and most people find it very beautiful. So, the rust looks beautiful and doesn’t look ugly in any way.

The Takeaway

To cut a long story short, Corten steel is popular among a large community of engineers and architects. And the reason is that it offers a lot of advantages over the traditional steel. This steel is arguably the strongest steel that is able to stand the test of time and doesn’t require a lot of regular upkeep. Moreover, buildings built with the Corten don’t need to be painted, which is a great thing for the environment as well. And the biggest of the benefits is that you save a lot of bucks, as you don’t need to pay to the professional to inspect the buildings on a regular basis.

Bathroom Vanities

Consider the Plumbing

Homeowners may fall in love with a few bathroom vanities only to discover that they’re incompatible with the existing plumbing. This may or may not be a roadblock, depending on the budget and how much work someone wants to put into the remodeling job. It is possible to rearrange pipes to accommodate the vanity’s sink and storage areas. Buyers need to decide if this is something they’re willing to do or hire out.

Figure Out What’s Most Important

When looking at a range of vanities, homeowners should decide what’s most important. Does there need to be additional storage? Deep drawers and under-the-sink storage can help utilize space. Also, units with above-the-sink cabinets can provide great space-saving utility.

Each sink should have the right width and depth for people to be able to wash their hands conveniently. The material that the sink is made from is another important consideration. Some materials, like tile, are easier to clean than others.

There are mirrors and accessories to consider as well. How do these fit in the overall aesthetic? A mirror may sit above a vanity, or it may wrap around it. The location of lights, towel bars, and additional shelves or cabinets can affect the selection.

Many Styles to Choose From

From traditional to contemporary, bathroom vanities can meet virtually any desired look. Regardless of the budget or the size of the space, homeowners can create a comfortable, attractive space in the color scheme and particular desired look. It’s all about choices.

Countertops can be made of stone, wood, acrylic, concrete, laminate, tile, or other materials. They come in various colors and textures to create different moods. Drawers and cabinets can be straight or curved and are made from a variety of woods or laminates. Sinks can sit above or below the counter. They can be oval or rectangular, and they can be made of porcelain, copper, glass, stone, stainless steel, or composites.

Retaining Property Value

Many homeowners need guidance in determining what projects to undertake when improving their houses’ value and appearance. For example, the foyer inside the house may need to be repainted and refinished after you have lived there for a few years. Painting the high ceilings, however, might be beyond your capability. You also may lack the tools needed to get the work done.

Rather than let the chore go, you could go to a qualified company’s website and view the photos available to you to get an idea of how you could remodel your foyer. The website can also give you an idea about how the contractors could assist you in getting the remodeling done in a time line that works for your needs. When the work is finished, your foyer might look like new.

Doing research online may also be important if you want to stay on budget throughout the process. Many homeowners have finite budgets with which they can work. They also might need to bill some of the projects to their homeowners’ insurance policy. You may find pricing or insurance details by researching online. This information could allow you to stay on budget without having to stop the work or leave some projects unfinished.

You likewise may want to know what kinds of materials should be used in the projects. Paint, flooring materials, and other items used in the work can have an impact on your house’s comfort and appearance. You might look to professionals to guide you in selecting items that suit your remodeling goals.

The process of getting your house to look and feel the way you want it might start with a consultation. It could be important for you to consult with contractors who can tell you what work needs to be done and for what purpose the remodeling should take place. Their experience might put your mind at ease that you are making the right choice for the house.

Water Restoration

So how do so many cleaning firms take on a restoration job? First, they usually start by buying a few floor fans, maybe one dehumidifier or two and take a class so they can do the right thing during a water loss. The problem is the class usually presents more questions than it answers. Don’t get me wrong taking classes and becoming certified in all areas of work you do is a great thing. Lord knows I’ve taking so many classes over my career that looking back it seems a daunting challenge. However I’m glad I did it because it separated me from the average Joe out there and gave me a much deeper understanding thus making me a go to guy for problem solving. The trouble is without the proper training, experience and equipment it’s the homeowner that usually has to pay for the poor response, and lack of technical efforts delivered by the so called professional. You can think of a water damage flood as a slow, a very slow burning fire. It destroys but slowly. If you choose to let it go and wait more damage is done. If you hire the wrong company to stop this slow burning fire you can expect more damage to occur. We call this secondary damage and this simply means damage that occurs from the structure being wet for a longer time. For instance, it doesn’t matter if half of your living room was wet and the other half was dry, if left unchecked the dry half along with surrounding areas in your home will be affected. This is secondary damage. It’s so important to hire a company that not only has the proper equipment but the experience with hundreds of water loss jobs under their belt.

The cost of purchasing the proper tools and equipment to dry out a home is very expensive. This is the second most common reason most companies are not qualified when responding to a water loss. Imagine a pipe leak inside a wall that was slowly leaking for hours before you arrived back home from work. Not being able to see where this leak originated and not stopping the leak in its tracks could add dozens if not hundreds of gallons of extra water to an already big mess. The cost to obtain training, certification and then to purchase some water leak detection devices can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Just this one glimpse into one area of a typical water loss now shows you just how important it is to have the proper training and equipment. There is no guessing allowed here and if you don’t have the proper training and equipment that is exactly was is being done.

It’s a scary thought for many of us that encounter a flood in our life time. It does not have to be a guessing game if you call a qualified professional company. There are options in many cases with restoration work and the company you hire should be aware of these options and present them to you in a simple to understand way. Don’t be a victim, Call a professional next time.